Offsite and Group Trainings

Central Ohio CPR will travel to your location to accommodate training for large groups within the Columbus area. We charge a  minimum of  10  participants per class. An off-site fee of $100.00 is added to your invoice  to cover the extra expenses/time/travel  required to bring the class to your location. You also have the option of using our training center to save the offsite fees. This works much better if you have limited space and resources to conduct the proper training at your facility. Keep in mind that some of the classes need significant space for practical skill training. If you would like to book a class at our location or yours, please contact us. We will discuss your needs and do our best to accommodate you.

Skills Sessions for Online Blended Courses:
  1. CPR for Community & Workplace: $60 per student (Approximately 2 hours online and 30 minutes of instructor led practical time)
  2. BFA First Aid: $60 per student (Approximately 2 hours online and 30 minutes of instructor led practical time)
  3. Blended CPR / BFA:  $100 per student  (Approximately 3 to 4 hours online and 60 minutes of instructor time)
  4. HCP-BLS:  $40 per student (online course must be purchased/completed separately through AHA, 30 minutes of instructor led practical time)
Classroom Sessions:

Classes done entirely with an instructor and no online component.

  1. Healthcare Provider: BLS CPR  $65 per student  (3 to 4 hour class)
  2. CPR for Community & Workplace:  $60 per student   (3 hour class)
  3. Basic First Aid:  $60 per student  (3 hour class)
  4. Combination CPR/BFA:  $120 per student (6 hour class)

Minimums of 10 students are charged and $100 offsite fee if doing class at your location.