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Training center location:  6260 Huntley Road, Columbus, OH 43229

Child Abuse and Neglect
- Meets all national and state requirements, approved by ODJFS for childcare providers.
- Certification period is  3 years for both initial and recert students - Recert course must be within 90 days of the expiration of your initial course.
-Courses available in 3 formats:

1) Class Room  -  Classroom setting with a professional child abuse instructor. Cost is $35 per student for Initial and $25 per student for Recert.

2) Online Course - Online course, no classroom time, must be completed within 60 days of purchase.  Cost is $50 per student for Initial and $35 per student for Recert.  Payment is required at time of registration and nonrefundable once the link has been processed.  Link is immediately accessible to complete course unless choosing to have course billed.  ​ODJFS form emailed to you upon completion.

3) Webinar Course - Class taken via computer at your location with a live instructor.  Cost is same as the classroom fees above and must be paid in advance of webinar.  Webinar instructions are emailed 24 hours prior to class.